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Have you ever heard the expression that “teamwork makes the dream work”? Well, our dream at Your All American Smiles is that you would have great oral health and a beautiful smile! The teamwork that makes the dream work is the partnership between you and our office. Your part is to diligently brush, floss, and rinse at least twice a day. Follow up on that great oral hygiene with a checkup in our office every six months. We can give a thorough exam and provide a great cleaning that gets rid of the plaque and tartar that your toothbrush can’t reach. We will also be on the lookout for any potential problems in their earliest stage. We believe so much in this dream that we would like to offer a cleaning, exam, and x-ray for only $59! Don’t wait! Call Your All American Smile Center today and schedule a checkup.

*New patients only. Does not include scaling and root planing, full mouth debridement, or periodontal maintenance.


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What Others Are Saying

Testimonial from a happy patient at Your All American Smile Center in Keller, TX 76248

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Oser for several years now, and Jana is the BEST hygienist you’ll ever meet! The whole staff is sweet and caring. My biggest turning point in proactive dental health was purchasing a night guard. I was hesitant for years because it was expensive and I thought it wasn’t necessary, but it truly is! It has done wonders for my sleeping habits. No longer do I wake up with a sore mouth/gums or persistent headaches. Please do yourself a favor and invest! It’s worth it. I’d compare it to the importance of wearing a retainer after getting braces off. I’ve never slept without it and I can say honestly it’s made a tremendous difference compared to before. It’s not a hassle, it’s a life saver!!”


Testimonial from a happy patient at Your All American Smile Center in Keller, TX 76248

“I am fairly new to the Keller area and needed a dentist for a complete mouth reconstruction. I went to several area dentists to check them out and get pricing. We are talking car prices for what I needed not to mention the importance of a person’s smile. Dr. Oser was not the cheapest; as a matter of fact, he was slightly more expensive and I tell you it was worth every single dollar I paid. Look in the dictionary under professional and you will see Dr Oser and his entire staff. I am a very difficult to please person and I honestly cannot find one single thing to be critical of. How refreshing it is to find a dentist who is not only excellent at his job but a truly kind caring individual who puts his patients needs and comfort as his number one priority. His staff is second to none and even make going to the dentist pleasurable. Thank you Dr Oser and your entire staff for putting my smile back on my face.”