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If you are hiding your smile because of stained or damaged teeth, there is no need to do that any longer. A crown can restore the natural look of your teeth and make you confident to smile again! An all-ceramic smile is the perfect choice for permanent teeth that are easily visible. The ceramic matches the natural, white look of your existing teeth. Most people will never know that it is not your natural tooth. Contact us today at Your All American Smile Center and find out how an all-ceramic crown can restore your natural smile. Mention this special to get an all-ceramic crown for only $1,100!


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What Others Are Saying

Testimonial from a happy patient at Your All American Smile Center in Keller, TX 76248

“I have been a patient of Dr. Hugh Oser since 2005. I have nothing but praise and admiration for the team that he has put together over the years. I have had root canals, bridgework, posts, gingivitis, plaque buildup, fear of the dental office, pain, not a great track record. He is the most gentle, caring, informative Doctor that I have ever had contact with. Nance and office staff are one of the most professionally run offices that I have dealt with, everything runs like clockwork and never any questions that are not answered when asked. This can only be accomplished by many hours of training and generally caring for everyone that is a patient when they enter the building and leave after their procedures are finished. Jana has been my Dental Hygienist forever and through her guidance my teeth and gums are now fine. If you are looking for a complete Dental Office, I recommend Dr. Hugh Oser and Staff as one of the best in the area.”


Testimonial from a happy patient at Your All American Smile Center in Keller, TX 76248

“Our youngest son was having a terrible time nursing. He was gaining enough weight, but wasn’t thriving. We went to multiple doctors and ran all kinds of test on him, but we still couldn’t pin point the problem. His latch was bad, he was always fussy, he projectile vomited often, and was just all around unhappy and always uncomfortable. We treated him for colic and acid reflux, but nothing worked. We saw a G.I. Specialist at cooks and were still left with questions. One day I was playing on Pinterest and found a blog about lip tie and tongue tie. That fit our situation exactly! We finally had some answers! Unfortunately, we couldn’t find anyone to help us. I called doctor after doctor and we were always told that it was a cosmetic problem and no one would fix that on an infant. Then I found Dr. Oser and Your All American Smile Center! We were able to get him seen and the procedure done within a couple of weeks and it worked! All the issues we were previously having disappeared. Our baby laughed and played all the time after his procedure. Our family always says that we brought home a different baby than we went with. A huge thanks to Dr. Oser and everyone at Your All American Smile Center!”