Dental Implants

The Perfect Solution for Missing Teeth

If you are missing teeth due to decay, damage, or an accident, dental implants are an ideal way to replace these teeth. The first step in this treatment is the implantation of a titanium post into your jawbone. This post will fuse with the natural bone structure of your jaw. It also serves as a foundation for the attachment of dentures, crowns, and bridges. This implant can also function as an artificial root for a replacement tooth. This option is more comfortable and more attractive than partial dentures as a means of replacing missing teeth.

What Does the Treatment Involve?

Dental implants are placed through a treatment process that involves a series of steps. First, Dr. Oser will use 3-D Cone Beam scanning to determine the optimal placement of each replacement tooth. Next, he will implant the post into your jaw. After allowing a few weeks for the gums to heal and the post to fuse with the bone in your jaw, the artificial tooth is attached to the titanium post.

Surrounding Existing Teeth Can Be Strengthened

If you are missing teeth, dental implants are a great way to provide stability to the natural teeth that are remaining. Whenever a tooth is lost, the bone structure in that area eventually begins to dissolve away. Some treatments will replace the missing tooth but do nothing to help the bone structure. With dental implants, the post is implanted directly into the jawbone. This helps to preserve the bone structure in that area and provide stability for surrounding natural teeth.

Oral Health is Enhanced with Dental Implants

Since dental implants can stabilize bone structure and existing teeth, your overall oral health will be in much better shape.

  • Bone structure and gum tissue is restored with dental implants
  • The replacement tooth will help preserve and stimulate bone structure and gum tissue.
  • In time, your dental implant will fully fuse and integrate with existing bone structure.