Holistic Dentistry Learning Center

Dr. Oser is committed to practicing mercury-free, holistic, cosmetic dentistry. He is on a mission to educate his patients on the benefits of holistic dentistry and how it can make a positive difference in their oral health. Many patients are not familiar with how important holistic dentistry is for their oral health as well as the health of their whole body. The information below will help to acquaint you with the basic concepts of holistic dentistry.

Holistic refers to the “medical consideration of the whole person.” Holistic dentistry seeks to treat the patient and their oral health with the whole body in mind. It does not just focus on teeth, but it also gives thought to the mind, body, and spirit of each patient. Dr. Oser has researched the best methods for providing dental care that provides healing for the whole body.

At Your All American Smile Center, we do not use mercury (silver filling) for any dental procedure. There are several important reasons for this decision.

  • What many dentist offices refer to as “silver” or “amalgam” dental fillings should really be referred to as “mercury” dental fillings. Silver fillings contain 48%-55% mercury, 33%-35% silver, and a variety of other metals such as copper, tin, and zinc. Mercury is clearly the major component of this material and this fact should be made clear to patients.
  • Research has clearly demonstrated that mercury is a more powerful poison than lead, cadmium, and even arsenic. There has never been a toxic threshold established for exposure to mercury vapor. In fact, the best mercury toxicologists in the world have said that any exposure to mercury vapor has the potential to be harmful.
  • Research has also demonstrated that even small amounts of mercury can cause damage to many parts of the body and reduce the effectiveness of the body’s immune system. In some cases, mercury has been known to breach the placental membrane of a pregnant woman and bring about permanent brain damage to a developing baby.
  • It is impossible to avoid the release of mercury vapor from mercury dental fillings. This process can be multiplied greatly by chewing, brushing, hot liquids, and other forms of stimulation. The WHO (World Health Organization) has stated that the daily exposure to mercury from silver dental fillings was greater than the intake of mercury from the combined sources of air, water, and food (even when fish is included).
  • Mercury vapor is absorbed quickly into your body when swallowing and breathing.
  • Autopsy studies have discovered a direct correlation between mercury fillings in a patient’s mouth and the amount of mercury absorbed into the brain.
  • Over time, mercury can make intestinal micro flora resistant to mercury and antibiotics. These mercury-resistant bacteria can cause mercury that is taken into the intestinal tract to be converted into vapor and recycled back through the body. Resistance to antibiotics is quickly becoming a major concern in the medical field.
  • Recent medical research has demonstrated high levels of mercury in the brains of individuals who are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and Lou Gehrig’s disease. Laboratory examination of spinal fluids from these patients confirm that key brain detoxification enzyme systems are inhibited by mercury.

The official position of the American Dental Association and other U.S. government agencies is that amalgam dental fillings are safe. They base this claim on 150 years of use and the lack of scientific evidence correlating mercury exposure from silver dental fillings to any known diseases.

Dr. Oser recommends a book entitled “The Poison in Your Teeth” by Tom McQuire, D.D.S. This book can easily be found on Amazon.

The question that must be answered is, “Should you allow mercury fillings to be put in the teeth of your family members?” Ultimately, you must make that decision. At Your All American Smile Center, we believe that you have a right to be informed before making that decision. Please contact our office and ask any staff member for additional information.