Tongue or Lip Tie Consultation

There are many mothers who are struggling to nurse their babies, but they don’t know what the problem is. They may be fighting feelings of guilt and frustration because they believe they must be doing something wrong. They are experiencing pain and their beloved little infant is crying in hunger. One common reason that is often overlooked is a condition in babies known as “lip tie or tongue tie.” This refers to an infant whose lip and tongue is rendered partly immobile by the piece of tissue called the frenum. Every baby has this frenum, but in some babies this frenum is too tight. In these cases, the frenum is holding the lip and tongue down and preventing proper movement of the baby’s lip and tongue. This situation keeps the baby from being able to have a good latch.

Thankfully, this problem is easily diagnosed and treated. Dr. Oser and Dr. Pickett are experts on the subject and would love to share with you how a simple revision to the frenum can make life much more enjoyable for your precious little one. It can make breastfeeding enjoyable for mother and child. It can make speaking and eating easier as the child grows up. If you feel that your child may be struggling with something of this nature, we would urge you to call our office and set up an appointment for an Infant Tongue or Lip Tie Consultation. You will discover information that will fill you with relief and joy. There is a solution for this struggle that you and your child are facing.

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Testimonial from a happy patient at Your All American Smile Center in Keller, TX 76248

“Our youngest son was having a terrible time nursing. He was gaining enough weight, but wasn’t thriving. We went to multiple doctors and ran all kinds of test on him, but we still couldn’t pin point the problem. His latch was bad, he was always fussy, he projectile vomited often, and was just all around unhappy and always uncomfortable. We treated him for colic and acid reflux, but nothing worked. We saw a G.I. Specialist at cooks and were still left with questions. One day I was playing on Pinterest and found a blog about lip tie and tongue tie. That fit our situation exactly! We finally had some answers! Unfortunately, we couldn’t find anyone to help us. I called doctor after doctor and we were always told that it was a cosmetic problem and no one would fix that on an infant. Then I found Dr. Oser and All American Smile Center! We were able to get him seen and the procedure done within a couple of weeks and it worked! All the issues we were previously having disappeared. Our baby laughed and played all the time after his procedure. Our family always says that we brought home a different baby than we went with. A huge thanks to Dr. Oser and everyone at All American Smile Center!”