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Laser Surgery for tongue tie is the latest option to correct tongue tie, or ankyloglossia. There is very little discomfort, and no risk of infection because the laser sterilizes at touch! The procedure is relatively quick and can only take a few minutes to complete. The healing period is also generally very short, and the laser stimulates bio-regeneration and healing. Call us today to schedule your Free Examination ($76 value).

The official term for tongue tie is “ankyloglossia” which means “anchored tongue.” In this condition, an infant’s tongue will be rendered somewhat immobile because it is more anchored to the bottom of the mouth by the flap under the tongue known as the frenum. This condition is common in infants, but it is often overlooked. It can be diagnosed at birth and may cause a number of difficulties for the baby. While it was difficult to diagnose in times past, it is now possible to be professionally diagnosed and assessed.

The tongue plays an important role in the development of good nutrition and speech. Infants with tongue tie can have a difficult time nursing due to the immobility of their tongue. This also separates them from the many health benefits associated with a mother’s milk. Tongue tie may cause an infant to struggle with latching on to the mother during nursing. This can cause painful and discouraging effects for both the mother and the child. Of course, tongue tie can also produce speaking difficulty for a child later in their development.

The dentist can quickly and easily examine the tongue by pulling it out and evaluating the attachment position of the frenum. The closer the attachment is to the tip of the tongue, the more possibility that there will be a problem with tongue tie.

The treatment of tongue tie is best performed with the use of a CO2 laser. This laser can revise the frenum and allow for normal mobility for the tongue. This procedure can be performed from one week old to 70 years old.

Both mother and infant can benefit from laser tongue tie surgery. The treatment is fast and requires only topical anesthetic. If your child has difficulty breastfeeding or you are experiencing physical or psychological pain involved with difficulties breastfeeding, give our office a call to discuss a tongue tie evaluation for your child.


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Testimonial from a happy patient at Your All American Smile Center in Keller, TX 76248

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