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With Oral Sedation Dentistry, fear of the dentist doesn’t have to get in the way of a healthy, beautiful smile. Call us now to find out how a small pill can help you to be completely relaxed and comfortable while we treat years of painful and embarrassing problems, in as few as one visit!

Does anxiety and fear keep you from visiting your dentist? With sedation dentistry, fear of the dentist doesn’t have to get in the way of a beautiful, healthy smile. Visit Your All American Smile Center to find out how a small pill can make you completely relaxed and comfortable, while you take care of years of painful and embarrassing problems in the fewest possible appointments. With oral sedation, you can finally be in the dentist chair and feel at ease and comfortable and drift off into a sleep like state of relaxation. Regain your confidence by repairing your smile. Your smile could make the difference in your success!

Sedation dentistry will help you comfortably go through any and all dental procedures. Dental anxiety can lead to serious oral problems, and potentially other health problems as well. By putting off dental exams you may miss small dental problems that could be an easy fix. By missing these small problems, such as minor cavities and tooth decay, you may develop serious tooth problems and oral pain in the future. This can cost you more money in the long run and become an expensive problem. Sedation dentistry can help you keep up on your dental health and help you keep your beautiful smile. Are you looking for an experienced dentist who has helped thousands of patients with oral sedation? Well, you have found the one dentist who has a Masters in the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) right here in the Mid-Cities area, in Keller, TX. Call our office today to set up a consultation!

Oral sedation is sedation in the form of a pill. You will take the pill and almost immediately feel relaxed. Your visit will be over in what will seem like only a few moments, and you will be shocked when your dentist is letting you know the appointment is complete.

No, the oral sedation will almost immediately make you feel drowsy and completely relaxed. You will feel at ease and be unaware of sounds and smells around you, however if you need to respond to the dentist you will be able to.

The oral sedation can last for several hours. It will not wear off during your appointment, so you will be able to stay relaxed during the entire visit.

No, you will need a trusted family member or friend to drive you to and from your visit. It will take 24 hours for the sedation to completely wear off.

Yes, sedation dentistry has made the difference for many who suffered from fear of the dentist. Patients have testified that oral sedation has completely changed the way they felt about the dentist. After trying the sedation, they no longer dread their dental visits.


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“My daughter is very nervous when it comes to dental work. Dr. Oser is very kind and explains everything as he goes. She had a root canal, a filling and a molar extracted in 2 1/2 hrs. She didn’t feel a thing. She didn’t even know when the tooth was pulled. I definitely recommend Dr. Oser for your Entire family.”


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“Had a great experience. My family and I love Dr.Oser and his staff. Always friendly and very professional. I love that they explain everything to you. So if you are looking for an excellent dentist Dr.Oser is the number one go to guy.”