Soft Tissue Grafts

Soft Tissue Grafts Correct Dental Deformities

Soft tissue grafts correct dental deformities often caused by gum recession. Your gums can retract for a number of reasons: advanced gum disease, overaggressive brushing, tooth crowding, eating disorders, or bruxism.

You may be experiencing gum recession if:

  • Your teeth are overly sensitive to hot and cold temperatures.
  • Your teeth appear much longer than normal.
  • Your tooth roots are exposed.
  • Your teeth have changed color.
  • Your teeth have growing spaces between them.
  • You have cavities below the gum line.
  • Your gums are inflamed or they bleed.
  • You have bad breath.

A soft tissue graft, also called a gum graft, can resolve the dental difficulties you may be suffering due to gum recession. The procedure is most often performed by a periodontist, a gum-tissue specialist.

Soft tissue grafting is a surgical process that creates more gingiva to replace the tissue that has disappeared. The grafting material can be harvested from the patient’s mouth, or may be created from synthetic membranes or freeze-dried tissue products.

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