Denture Care

Denture Care Ensures Your Smile for a Lifetime

Dentures are an affordable solution for people who need to replace most or all of their natural teeth. Modern dentures look natural and fit comfortably, too. And the good news is that they’re easy to take care of!

The first step to excellent denture care is to maintain the health of your mouth by brushing each morning. With a soft-bristled brush, scrub your gums, tongue, and palate to rid your mouth of any accumulated plaque and to stimulate circulation.

Your dentures are custom-made from delicate dental materials. When you’re not wearing them, keep the dentures in water or in a soaking solution so that they maintain the appropriate moisture levels and keep their shape. Always be careful when taking them out or putting them in sometimes, dentures can shatter if you drop them.

Every evening, brush your dentures with a toothbrush and toothpaste. Doing so will remove food deposits and plaque. It will also keep the porcelain from staining. Then your dentures are ready to be placed in their soaking solution overnight.

Over time, your dentures may require readjustment because the prostheses are wearing out or losing shape, or there have been changes in your mouth’s structure. If your dentures are slipping, have cracks or loosening teeth, or you’re getting sores on your gums, contact your dentist immediately. Your dentures probably need an adjustment, a re-lining, a re-basing, or in some cases, complete replacement.

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