Air Abrasion

Air Abrasion Offers Drill-less Dentistry

The whine of a dental drill can cause some patients a lot of anxiety. Air abrasion is a safer, less nerve-wracking alternative to the most dreaded of a dentist’s tools.

What is air abrasion? It’s a hand-held instrument that works much like a mini sandblaster. A very fine stream of abrasive particles, such as silica, is aimed at the area needing treatment. The particles clear off decay or plaque, and the dental debris is suctioned away.

Air abrasion does not generate heat, sound, or pressure. It reduces the risk of chipping enamel, allows the dentist to treat multiple sites within the mouth, and often requires little to no anesthesia for the patient.

Which dental conditions are best for air abrasion?

  • Preps the tooth surface preparation for bonding or sealants.
  • Removes stains from enamel.
  • Clears out old composite restorations.

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