Root Canal Therapy

Addressing Toothaches, Infections with Root Canal Therapy

If you have tooth that aches constantly, or you get a sharp, shooting pain when pressure is applied, it’s highly likely you have a root canal infection. Root canal infections are the result of bacteria getting inside the hollow of your tooth and ravaging the interior tissues. Usually this is because you have tooth that has suffered trauma–it’s cracked, chipped, or severely decayed.

Root canal therapy can offer relief from pain and restoration of your tooth. It’s always better to save your tooth, if possible. Tooth roots give the jaw purpose. If you didn’t have teeth–your jaw bone would be reabsorbed into your body, and your face would lose its structure.

What happens in root canal therapy? The dentist removes all the damaged nerve and pulp, cleans the interior thoroughly, and uses special files to smooth the insides. Once this part of the procedure is completed, the dentist will add a dental filling called gutta percha. Then a porcelain crown is added, which strengthens and restores the tooth. The good news is your pain will be gone, and the chances for reinfection are extremely low.

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