Teeth Whitening

First Impressions Are Important

Most people have heard the expression that “you only get one chance to make a first impression.” A beautiful smile is one of the best ways that you can make a positive first impression. This can give you confidence on a first date, in a board room presentation, or on your wedding day. When you are confident to smile, it can impact everything that happens next. If you need to brighten your smile, teeth whitening is a great place to begin. The boldness you will gain will bring many other benefits.

What are the Options?

There are several options to consider when learning about teeth whitening. Dr. Oser and his staff can help you consider the options and which one might be the most appropriate for your situation.

  • Dental-assisted whitening – We recommend this option for two specific reasons. You will receive professional assistance in order to produce the best possible results. Also, this method produces the most immediate results. Quick results are often what patients are looking for as they prepare for an upcoming important event like a class reunion or an important job interview. At Your All American Smile Center, we offer KOR brand teeth whitening. We help our patients produce smiles that are dazzling in a single visit. The specially-formulated KOR bleaching gel is known to erase stains from food, beverages, medication, tobacco, and simplify the aging process. You will not experience dental sensitivity with the KOR process. As an added bonus, the bleaching gel contains fluoride which helps your teeth.
  • Teeth whitening gels and trays – While these options cost less, they do take longer to achieve results. If you do not need immediate results, our office offers take-home treatments that will provide you with a dazzling smile in the convenience of your home. The trays are custom fit and use professional-strength bleaching gel. You will wear the trays for approximately three minutes a day for two weeks. If you purchase gels and trays from the store, the results may not be as convincing and convenient. This is because the whitening solutions they use are generally weaker than the solutions that we can give in our office. Also, since there are not as many tray sizes to choose from, the trays may be uncomfortable in your mouth.
  • Teeth whitening strips – These are definitely simple and effective. You will just need to leave yourself more time to achieve the desired results.
  • Teeth whitening toothpaste – While these will be advertised as teeth whitening, the truth is that these are basically a tooth polishing treatment.

Peroxide is the Active Ingredient

No matter what method you choose, the active whitening agent in the product will most likely be peroxide. It essentially bleaches your teeth to make them whiter. The results of teeth whitening are not permanent, but it does produce a beautiful smile.

Teeth whitening is certainly a great cosmetic solution for a patient with discolored teeth from natural aging, staining, or chemical damage. The cost of teeth whitening is budget friendly and it is a wonderful first step in improving the beauty of your smile. Call Dr. Oser and find out what option is the best solution for you.