Chewing Doesn’t Have To Be A Challenge [VIDEO]

If you’re having trouble chewing, you’re not alone. But it’s also something the highly skilled team at Your All American Smile Center can help you with!We’ll perform a thorough examination to determine the root cause of your pain. Then, we’ll help you decide the best treatment based on your individual situation.Watch this video, in which Dr. Oser talks about how our Keller, TX ...

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Give Your Family The Gift Of Dental Health

This holiday season, you’re probably spending a lot of time thinking about your family — buying presents, cooking special meals, spending quality time.But here’s something you probably haven’t thought of: Now is a great time to start thinking about giving your family the gift of dental health in the coming year!At Your All American Smile Center, we make it easy for every member ...

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The Convenience Of Same-Day Dental Crowns [VIDEO]

During a checkup, Dr. Oser noticed that Gwendol had developed cavities underneath her dental crowns. But because Gwendol came to Your All American Smile Center, she was able to experience the convenience of same-day dental crowns!“He’s able to make the materials while I’m sitting in the chair,” she said. “It’s not a matter of going home for a week or so with this temporary thing ...

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The Signs Of Gum Disease [INFOGRAPHIC]

Healthy gums are the foundation of a beautiful smile, and that’s why it’s so important to look out for the signs of gum disease.Luckily, you don't have to do it alone. Your All American Smile Center is here to help!Our knowledgeable team of dental professionals has been trained to spot the symptoms of gum disease during routine exams and cleanings. That way, we can quickly treat gum ...

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Renew Your Confidence With A Smile Makeover

As the year draws to a close, you might be thinking a bit about what resolutions you’ll make for 2018.What if there was something you could do to increase your confidence and make better first impressions? Luckily, there is! This holiday season, treat yourself to a smile makeover from Your All American Smile Center. We can customize a treatment plan based on your smile insecurities and ...

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Preventing Gum Disease By Flossing [VIDEO]

Dr. Oser offers plenty of preventive dental care and advice to help you avoid issues such as gum disease. A regular flossing routine is a great way to deter gum disease.Flossing gets rid of food wedged in between your teeth that can lead to the growth of bacteria. Your gums can then become infected, which could actually cause you to lose healthy teeth. For such a simple and quick thing to do, ...

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Enjoy A Healthier Future With Dental Implants

Sometimes, dental care isn’t just a means to making your smile look great. Good dentistry can actually completely change your life.A single missing tooth can affect the way you feel, both mentally and physically. Missing teeth can dramatically impact your diet and head-to-toe health. You need a smile full of functioning teeth to truly be at your best – both in the present and in the ...

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What To Do If Your Little One Lost A Tooth [VIDEO]

If your child has naturally lost a baby tooth, Your All American Smile Center is here to provide expert advice while your son’s or daughter’s smile heals.We’re also here to help if a tooth has been knocked out because of an accident, in which case you should call us at 817-440-3608 right away so we can help.Dr. Oser has provided family dentistry for over 40 years and continues to ...

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Sedation Dentistry & The Importance Of Relaxing At The Dentist

For too many people, visiting the dentist is a nightmare come true. The sights, the sounds, the smells … they can all contribute to severe levels of dental anxiety.You are certainly not alone if you fear the dentist. An estimated 9 to 15 percent of Americans avoid dental care due to anxiety and fear. That's approximately 30 to 40 million people!This is largely due to fear of pain ...

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Love Your New Look With A Smile Makeover [INFOGRAPHIC]

Want a smile worthy of the red carpet? Consider a smile makeover from Dr. Oser!Whether you want a straighter smile or want to conceal a series of dental imperfections with just one procedure, Your All American Smile Center offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry services to help you achieve a beautiful smile.Take a look at this infographic to learn about how a custom smile makeover can help ...

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