Protect Your Teeth With Our Customized Athletic Mouthguards

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Your All American Smile Center creates customized mouthguards to keep your smile in excellent condition. Whether you’re an athlete or suffering from teeth grinding, these mouthguards will help by:

  • Protecting your smile upon impact during physical activities
  • Preserve the integrity of your teeth’s enamel if you grind your teeth
  • Fitting perfectly in your mouth for maximum comfort and effectiveness

Call Your All American Smile Center at 817-440-3608 to schedule a consultation with the top dentists in Keller, TX, Dr. Oser and Dr. Pickett, who are active members of  The Texas Dental Association.

Stay Safe While In Action With Our Custom Mouthguards

Although athletic mouthguards are easy to find in most stores and promise to fit your mouth, they can often lead to a waste of money. Even products that seem easily customizable at home may wind up fitting poorly or change shape over a brief period of time.

At our Keller, TX office, Dr. Oser or Dr. Pickett will perform a thorough examination of your smile and create a customized guard that is sure to:

  • Help you breathe easily while wearing it
  • Fit securely in your mouth to prevent slippage or discomfort
  • Best shield your teeth in the event of collision during contact sports

If you’re playing sports, the last thing you need to deal with is the distraction of an ill-fitting mouthguard. In addition to keeping your mind on the game, our doctors want to make sure you’re wearing a sports guard that truly protects your teeth while you’re giving it your all.

Our Mouthguards Can Help You And Your Young Ones During Any Activities

Athletic mouthguards are beneficial not only for adult athletes who perform contact sports but also anyone who engages in physical activities such as cycling or even running. Our mouthguards also protect young smiles. We create custom guards for your young active family members to ensure their smiles are fully protected as they are developing new, permanent teeth.

Call 817-440-3608 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Oser or Dr. Pickett at our Keller, TX dentist office. You can also contact Your All American Smile Center through our online form to book a visit or ask any questions.

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